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An interview with William “Friar” Tuck about the Left Behind  Fantasy book

An Interview about Overcoming Sermon Block book:

An article in the ABP journal–

Bluefield College magazine August 2014 article:

(The following books may be purchased by contacting the links below for each book. Most can be found on also.)

Jesus’ Journey to the Cross, The Rebirth of the Church, Conversations with My Grandchildren about God, Religion, and Life; Beginning and Ending a Pastorate; Which Voice Will You Follow? The Forgotten Beatitude: Worshiping through Stewardship; A Positive Word for Christian Lamenting: Funeral Homilies; Holidays, Holy Days & Special Days; Lord, I Keep Getting a Busy Signal; Overcoming Sermon Block; The Last Words from the Cross; The Church Under the Cross; The Journey to the Undiscovered Country: What’s Beyond Death?

Modern Shapers of Baptist Thought in America:

A Pastor Preaching: Toward a Theology of the Proclaimed Word; The Pulpit Ministry of the Pastors of the River Road Church, Baptist:

Authentic Evangelism:

Lessons from Old Testament Characters, Markers Along the Way, The Difficult Sayings of Jesus; A Pastoral Prophet: Sermons and Prayers of Wayne E. Oates; Star Thrower: A Pastor’s Handbook; A Revolutionary Gospel: Salvation in the Theology of Walter Rauschenbusch; Facing Life’s Ups and Down; Getting Past the Pain; Love as a Way of Living; Our Baptist Tradition; The Lord’s Prayer Today; :

The Abiding Presence, Stories that Continue to Speak to Us Today, and Christmas Is for the Young:  or 

The Bible as Our Spiritual Guide:

The Compelling Faces of Jesus :

The Left Behind Fantasy:

Facing Grief and Death: Living with Dying, The Way for All Seasons: Reflections on the Beatitudes for the 21st Century, The Ten Commandsments: Their Meaning Today; The Church in Today’s World:

Through the Eyes of a Child:

Sermon preached at River Road Church, Baptist 8/12/18